Zenith Financial Group is a New Zealand owned business with offices and advisers nationwide. Our experienced advisers follow the 'Zenith process' to help you protect and secure your finances when life's misfortunes occur.

The Zenith process consists of 5 simple steps designed to create the best risk protection plan for your unique situation.

We work with different life insurers to ensure that we give you the best possible cover – cover that will work for you when you need it most – at claim time.

The best thing about this process is it does not cost you anything. Our fees are covered by our insurance providers. 

How we can help you:

Zenith Financial Group will assist you to implement a risk plan to protect you, to protect your family, your lifestyle or your business.

We use a 5 step process which helps us to understand your unique situation and to understand where we can help you. We analyse what we learn about you and your current financial situation and then recommend the best solutions for you.

The Zenith Process: